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school buses was damaged, too. the same storm cell tracked through three counties. darcy spencer, news4. >> amazing video. is that system going to have an impact on our weather tomorrow? here's meteorologist chuck bell with the answer. >> good evening to you. we will have raindrops in time to have your monday morning commute, but we will not be facing that kind of severe weather. here's southern alabama. here's southern mississippi. i'll zoom in right on to the track. this highlighted area right here is one lone super cell, a 170 mile long track of damage with that one super cell going across southeast mississippi. for us in the short term, raindrops in the shenandoah
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valley. it will be wet in the morning. light rain showers possible, chilly temperatures in the 30s. a couple of mentions of colder air and snow chances this week. more on that coming up. ever wonder what 40 inches of snow looks like? people in connecticut can show us. they got it in this blizzard of 2013. that is the most anybody saw from the storm and a record for th town. payloaders had to be brought in to remove all that snow. hamden is just one of the towns still digging out tonight. >> reporter: sounds of a chilly cleanup echoed across new england. work that dragged into a second day as road crews deployed across the region. >> we're working very hard to make sure that it's fully functional by tomorrow's commute. >> reporter: the blizzard dumped more than three feet of snow in
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some areas and pushed icy water over coastal sea walls. today in massachusetts on plum island, reconstruction began as thomas pieced back together his battered deck. >> sun rise in the morning with big waves and every once in a while you get hit. >> reporter: power crews were working to restore electricity to the more than 200,000 still in the dark. the airports and train stations hope to be back to capacity by monday, as well. at the city's south station transportation center, trains are slowly getting back on track. but forecasters warn another system could bring ice and freezing rain to the region in the coming days. francis koe, nbc news.
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police investigating who murdered an elderly woman inside her home. police officers sound 71-year-old geraldine joyce mcen dire yesterday. she had trauma to her body and took her the body but she died. detectives were passing out flyers in the neighborhood. neighbors say they're shocked mcintyre was killed in her own home. >> we all look out for each other in this neighborhood. i've been here ten years and never heard of anything like this happen before. >> you see the ramp outside her home? neighbors say she lived with her daughter and they were both disabled. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a university of maryland student who said she was robbed tuesday morning is facing charges for making it up. she told police she was robbed at gun point as she walked home from the metro.
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detectives say surveillance video just didn't match her story. when they reentered jones, she confessed to lying because she owed a relative money. crews say they found a water main break that's been turning the water brown in some homes and businesses. tonight, roads are still closed in the area. wsse says the water is safe to drink but should not be used to make baby formula or wash clothing. a rush to injustice. that's the finding oh of a new report out paid for the family by joe paterno. it looked into the so-called freeh report which found that he was part of a conspiracy to cover up jerry sandusky's sexual abuse. tonight, a former u.s. attorney general hired by the paterno family tells me what he sees as flaws in the freeh report. >> unfortunately, there's just too much in the way of gaps in this report to make it credible.
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>> dick thornberg calls the freeh report seriously flawed and incomplete. his 40-page critique of the investigation commissioned by penn state's trustees finds failures and missing facts. gaps that led to speculation about what joe paterno did or didn't know about colleague jerry sandusky's sex abuse of joining boys. >> are you saying that joe paterno did nothing wrong? >> i don't think it's a matter of whether he did anything wrong, but a question whether he did what he was charged with doing. joe himself said he wished he did more. but there was no conspiracy. >> reporter: his look into the freeh findings came at the direction of paterno's widow, who released her own letter to all penn state letterman. saying "i am here to tell you as definitively and forcefully as i know how that mr. freeh could not have been more wrong in his assessment of joe."
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but an attorney for victim number five says she's just trying to rescue her late husband's reputation. >> his reputation was sullied by the facts themselves. the facts are that mr. paterno knew, in 1998, that mr. sandusky was a threat. >> reporter: and the author of the report, freeh himself released a statement saying his findings are accurate. >> reporter: penn state officials tonight say the university intends to implement the recommendations in the freeh report by the end of the year. you can see our complete interview online at a developing story out of chicago. police are questioning two so-called persons of interest in connection with the death of the 15-year-old.
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pendleton was shot and killed just days after participating in events surrounding president obama's inauguration. first lady michelle obama attended her funeral yesterday. los angeles police offering a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner. he's suspected of killing three people. today, the l.a. police chief emphasized how much a threat the department considers him to be. >> this is the largest local reward ever offered, to our knowledge. some may ask why so large? this is an act, and make no mistake about it, of domestic terrorism. >> multiple agencies are helping in the search, including u.s. customs and border protection. the agency is also using drones to track him down. a spokesperson says they don't
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discuss methods or assets they might deploy. more than 4,000 people are stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of mexico tonight. it's operating on energy power after an engine fire. the fire was put out, but the ship will need to be towed. a tug boat is on the way, and it will tow the ship to the nearest port in mexico. another cruise ship is on the scene, delivering supplies. five people were killed during a cruise ship's safety drill in spain today. one of the cables snapped on a lifeboat, causing it to plunge 65 feet. none of the 1400 passengers on board was hurt. "the washington post" reporting that president obama is considering a set of executive actions to work around congress, including policies to help struggling homeowners, protections for gays and
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lesbians and energy efficient building standards. this comes before the president delivers the first state of the union of his second term. peter alexander has more on what's expected tuesday night. >> reporter: heading into his fifth annual address before congress tuesday night, officials say mr. obama will focus on jobs and the economy. >> our economy grows when everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is getting a fair shake. >> reporter: the president will emphasize the value of spending on education to give americans the skills they need. infrastructure like roads, research, including clean energy technology, and manufacturing. the inauguration was more about the underdog. this is about people that have already made it but the american dream is fading and he's got their backs. >> reporter: adding to the urgency of tuesday's speech, the looming sequester deadline set
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for march 1 when $85 million in across the board cuts are set to take effect. >> the economy is poised to take off if we do the right things. >> reporter: the president warning cuts would cause a huge blow to the economy. republicans firmly oppose more tax revenue as a solution. >> the problem is, david, every time you turn around, the answer is to raise taxes. you know, he just got his tax hike on the wealthy and you can't in this town every three months raise taxes. >> reporter: while some of the president's most prominent agenda eye sells, immigration report, gun control laws and climate change, fall below american concerns, the president's tone will matter too. as he faces a choice between confrontation and compromise. >> he can continue pressuring
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the congress, or he can go for a more conciliatory approach. >> senator lindsay graham is threatening to block the confirmation of president obama's nomination of defense and cia. he says he'll hold up the nominations of chuck hagel as defense secretary and john brennan as cia director until he gets more information regarding the syrian attack on the u.s. embassy. and "argo" continuing its winning streak. the latest hardware picked up, next. coming up on "sports final," no jacket required as the cavaliers renew their former battle in college park. lebron turns up the heat in los angeles. and we check in with rg-3 on his recovery. >> i've just got to be smart about it and
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>> that's coming up on "sports final" right after the news. another win for "argo." it's adding best picture at the british academy film awards. ben affleck also won best director. you may have noticed gas prices are rapidly going up. the average price for a gallon has gone up just about a quarter
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in two weeks. according to aaa, the national average is now $3.58 a gallon. around here the average in virginia is $3.46, maryland at $3.59 and the district up to $3. 74. experts blaming a rise in wholesale prices. conflicting reports about how close we are between a merger of american airlines and us airways. meetings to finalize the merger are being pushed back. the two boards are still trying to hammer out the division of manager positions. if they merge, it would create the largest airline in the country. bold thieves have made off with crucial items in a church in the area. about two weeks ago, someone ripped off the heat pumps. police are still looking for the thieves. in the meantime, the church is
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waiting on word from its insurance company while the congregation tries to raise money to replace what was taken. >> we are making due. it was a tragic loss to us. for us, the church and the community. >> in the meantime, an emergency hit system keeps key parts warm enough to use. officials estimate it will take tens of thousands to replace those pumps. we have a little bit of a warm-up coming for 24 hours. >> about that. we've got one little surge of warm air coming for your monday afternoon. sort of a roller coaster ride through much of the week. it's been a very nice weekend across the area. sunshine both days. now the clouds are back and raindrops are not far away. it will be wet before you wake up in the morning for most locations. there's the live look at reagan national airport in downtown. a beautiful night outside. temperatures back down into the
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30s right now. and the air mass is very, very dry. 39 degrees the current temperature. i point this out because this is an important part of the forecast. our dew point is well in the mid 20s. when you have light rain fall into this atmosphere, it tries to lower the temperature down to the dew point. that's a big mart there's a freezing rain advisory in southern pennsylvania. current temperatures generally in the middle and upper 30s. again, the very dry air in place and look at it on radar. already very light areas of rain showers trying to push in. that's going to cool the atmosphere down. as a result, that moisture gets a little further up where the cold air is more entrenched. that's the reason we have the freezing rain advisory until 9:00 on monday morning. no advisories anywhere in our area, but i wouldn't rule out the possibility of a slippery spot or two. so be careful first thing in the
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morning. a little break in the action, then a cold front tomorrow promises more scattered shower chances. severe weather, we've shown you the video out of hattiesburg, mississippi. more severe weather coming in the deep south. for us, raindrops on the way for now and the chance of a little iciness up to the north. peeks of sunshine late in the day will allow temperatures up into the 50s. sunshine back in the picture on tuesday. here's your monday forecast, starting out with the showers. the morning will be chilly and wet. rain chance 70% first thing in the morning. in the afternoon, upper 50s to near 60. rain chances dropping. the evening will be dry. there's the extended forecast now. 58 tomorrow. well above average for this time
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of the year. and a nice day on tuesday. still a lot of disagreement between some of the computer models. i'm going to lean with probably more of a rain solution than snow, but it will be a possibility of a rain, sleet, snow mix thursday morning ahead of some genuinely cold air which arrives for next weekend, which may also have a chance for some snowflakes around here. so we're not completely done with winter yet. march is still a few weeks away and thursday is valen type's day. >> could be good cuddling weather for your valentine. thank you, use the long
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ball to take town the terps. who are those terps facing next? >> you want to look ahead now. >> maybe they do, too.
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>> they have duke coming in, in six days. they might study the film from today's game against the virginia cavaliers as a lesson in what not to do. terps fall behind early and never catch up. to the comcast center, fans cheering for their team. but they're cheering against justin anderson. he was knocking down jumpers like these all day. 17 points for the montross christian alum. terps trailed by as much as 14. second half, stef allen takes it all the way for two. maryland within eight now. but the wahoos coming back. paul jefferson drains his fourth three of the game. uva shoots 58% from behind the arc and the cavs win it 80-69. >> we have a chance to be sneaky good. we're a young team but everybody
11:34 pm
plays together. we're an unselfish people. >> we can be really dangerous. if we add that shooting and our defense together, we're a if you have team to beat. but we have to be prepared for each game. >> cavs stay on the road and visit virginia tech on tuesday. again the terps host duke saturday. no tiger woods and no phil mickelson. but that's no problem for brant snedeker. but the pebble beach pro-am was all his. perfect day to hang out and watch some golf. good start to the day for snedeker. tied atop the leader board. second shot on two and watch where this rolls. right next to the cup. he would knock it in for the eagle and drops to 14 under. on 10, snedeker will be at 16. he's pulling away. he sinks a long birdie putt. snedeker goes on to finish the
11:35 pm
day at 19 under and gets a victory to go with all that money he's been raking in. this year's pebble beach pro-am champ is brant snedeker. coming up on "sports final," robert griffin iii has a long way to go in his recovery, but it looks promising. and lebron james shows off his talent against kobe and the lake lakers. all that and more on "sports final" coming up right here on nbc 4. jason reed of "the washington post" will also join us. it's really what is not on the show, because we're going to talk about the cavs and the wizards and hear from mike rizzo, also. spring training parts on tuesday. >> thanks, carol. still
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how the district welcomed the year of the snake. ringing in the chinese new year right here in the district. the parade making its way through the streets of chinatown today. we are now in lithe year of the snake. it symbolizes intelligence, gracefulness and materialism. news reports in malaysia say parents were trying to have their babies delivered before today so they could arrive the year of the dragon, because that's supposed to bring luck and success. >> the snake getting a bad rap. >> i was talking about this with angie goth this morning. her baby is due in june.
11:40 pm
snake babies are also analytical, so her baby could turn out to be a meteorologist. showers around, a wet start tomorrow but a dry finish. tuesday is looking good. another chance of rain on wednesday. we're going to keep a close eye on that. no real super cold in place for that, but the cold air is back next weekend. highs in the 30s. maybe a chance of snowflakes
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>> "sports final" is next. . tonight on "sports final," a tough time for the terps. while virginia hits all the right notes in an acc matchup. >> it's just about taking baby steps. >> rg-3 speaks out about his walk to recovery. and turning the page. >> i feel great about our team. i feel even better this year. >> trying to erase the memories
11:44 pm
of last year's playoff loss. we're towing the rubber. "sports final" starts now. thanks for stay with with us. just a little over a month left in the college basketball regular season. little went right today for maryland. while virginia is rolling on with plans of playing on late into march. take you to the come waste center where the terps came out fired up. but it was tough from the start. that in part you to uva freshman justin anderson. he initially committed to maryland but switched to maryland when gary williams retired. second half, more cavs. nick faust, the turnover. joe harris

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